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Maian Guardian Changelog (

[+] Added [*] Updated [-] Bug Fix

Version 2.0 (29/05/2019):
[+] Added batch delete operations to all admin list screens
[+] Added control links on admin popup action messages for quicker navigation
[+] Added license search option to accounts admin area to enable buyers to search licenses
[+] Added option to restrict the amount of times a product license or constant can be updated
[*] Brand new admin CP
[*] Brand new user portal CP
[*] Min PHP version required to run Maian Guardian is now 5.5 or higher
[*] On buyer profile update, if nothing has changed, no email notifications are sent and no timeline is written
[*] Password reset updated to be more ambiguous for security. User can now choose new pass, rather than being emailed a password.
[*] Password storage updated to use PHP's password bcrypt API. All passwords must be reset.
[*] Updated Font Awesome icons/vector library (5.7.1)
[*] Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.0.7)
[*] Updated admin list screens to use stupid table JS plugin for quick table sorting
[*] Updated buyer license edit to only write timeline if something was changed

Version 1.1 (01/06/2017):
[+] Added support for PHP7.1
[*] PHPMailer class updated to latest stable release (5.2.23)

Version 1.0 (06/02/2017):
[+] Initial version release

Latest Version - v2.1 - Coming Soon

The next release is being prepared. Here`s what new:

New in v2.1

- Added more controls to admin WYSIWYG editor including image, media, link, colour and formatting options
- Added official support for PHP7.4*
- Added support for the PHP mail function
- Improvements to error and exception handling
- Security enhancements and layout alterations
- Added year switcher for admin dashboard graph to see stats for selected years
- Added official support for PHP8.0*
- Added http/https protocol option for base path to prevent mod_security issues

Updated or Removed

- Updated PHPMailer to latest stable release (6.4.0)
- Updated jQuery javascript library (3.5.1)
- Documentation updated. 404 links removed or updated and typos fixed.
- Updated chartist jQuery plugin (0.11.4)
- Updated sortable jQuery plugin (1.10.2)
- Updated Expire In XX Days option to use --expire licgen option instead of --days due to Source Guardian update in 11.3. Legacy versions will use --days.
- Updated Bootstrap library (3.4.1)
- Update trumbowyg jquery plugin (2.21.0)
- Import, export and licence download routines now use the system temporary folder. This is auto cleared by the garbage collector and is used for better performance.
- Security enhancement. Backup folder path must explicitly be set in admin CP now for security.

Bug Fixes

- Added fix for servers running MySQL in strict mode which caused certain queries and installer to fail

Last updated: 12 March 2022
Release Date: Coming Soon
Please do not contact us about the release date, thank you.


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