System Requirements

For Maian Guardian to run on your server, the following modules / features MUST be installed:

PHP software
JSON functions
ZIP Archive Class
shell_exec enabled
MYSQLi database
MCRYPT library*
OPENSSL library*
CURL functions
Source Guardian
* The MCrypt library is required for installations using PHP5.5 to PHP7.0*

The OpenSSL library is required for installations using PHP7.1 or higher.

If you are unsure what modules are available, don`t worry, the Maian Guardian installer will automatically check the required modules are available.

VPS / Dedicated Server

It is recommended you run this software on a VPS or Dedicated server. Shared servers are NOT reliable, can have security issues and generally don`t have the processing power to maintain a successful licencing site.


This is a command line tool within PHP. Some servers have this function disabled for security, but it must be enabled so that the system can successfully generate Source Guardian® licences via command line operations. The 'licgen" program is a command line tool.

If shell_exec isn't available, this software will not work.

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